Game and Tournament Complexes

MTsc United South Complex (MTsc) -   Directions     Field Map   Complex Policies

MTsc United North (prev Tulsa United) Complex (MTscUN) - Directions   Field Map

Indian Springs Soccer Complex (ISSC) -   Directions  Field Map (New as of Fall 2016)  Complex Policies

Mohawk Soccer Complex (Mohawk) -  Directions   Field Map   About Mohawk Complex

All-Star Training Center (ASTC) - 61st & HWY 169    Field Map   Complex Policies


Inclement Weather/Lightning and Child Missing Procedures 


Main communication method for weather updates for tourmaments will be via email and Twitter.  



In the event of bad weather, the Tournament Director will communicate with Field Marshals to help pass on information. An air horn also will go off to inform tournament participants. **If Tournament Director requests that the fields be cleared, teams DO NOT have an option and MUST immediately return to their vehicles.


We will then notify teams by air horn and Tournament Staff letting everyone know that it is ok to return to the fields and resume play.


One long blast from the air horns means clear the field.

Two or Three short blasts means that players and parents can return to the fields.


Continuous short blasts from the air horn means a child is missing and we are on a lockdown - No one can enter or leave the complex. Security is notified and Field Marshals will report to the 3 main exits so that people can NOT enter or leave the complex. One long air horn blast means the child has been found and to resume to your field position.