Club Staff

TSC Hurricane has a unique advantage from most clubs across the country in that the club is structured and managed as a separate entity.  The club has long-term relationships in place with BOTH Broken Arrow Soccer Club and MetroTulsa Soccer Club.  This three-way affiliation is a competitive advantage and benefits ALL players of the three organizations.  TSC Hurricane holds quarterly strategic meetings with BASC and MTsc to ensure the entire organization is aligned with a focus on the future.  

2013-14 Coach/Team Directory Quick Glance

TSC Hurricane Leadership Group

Mark McIntosh - Club Director of Coaching
Kerry Shubert - Elite Clubs National League Director
Matt Howe - Director of Coaching - Juniors
Michael Nsien - Director - Academy/Residency Program
John Rhein - Director of Coaching - Girls
Richard Beattie - Director of Player Development - Juniors Girls
John Crouch - Director of Player Development - Juniors Boys
Jim Tindell - Executive Director
ECNL Coaching Staff
Kerry Shubert
Donivan Bradshaw
George Chatzigiannidis
John Michael Waite
NPL Coaching Staff
Michael Nsien
David Yates
Ryan Pore
Chris Spears
Kevin King

Competitive Club Coaching Staff

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Juniors Program Coaching Staff

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