U8-9 Development

Development at the 7-9 ages should be focused on Individual Technical Skills and Creating Passion for the Game
Our club cooperatively guides young players through four stages that will fully prepare them for the next level:
1. Learning To Train (100% development focus) U6
2. Learning Style Of Play (100% development focus) U7-8
3. Refining Style Of Play (95% development focus, 5% winning focus) U9-10
4. Training To Compete (85% development focus, 15% winning focus) U11-12
COACH: Passionate about children. Know basic rules of corner kick, goal kick, indirect kick, kick-off, drop ball and minor fouls. Encourage sportsmanship. Should play with players. Coach must be enthusiastic and sensitive. Wins and losses do not matter. Nurturing manner.
TECHNIQUE: Enhancement of dribbling skills using all foot surfaces. How to receive and control the ball. Starting to learn how to pass. We don’t encourage players to just kick the ball down field. Start to encourage controlling it and trying to keep possession. Learn to shoot. Every player must have their own ball. 75% of practice should be on technique. Left and right foot with every activity. All activities are to be done with a ball.  
And play Futsal! Tulsa Futsal Academy (for extra training and camps) 
TACTICS: Players begin to understand themselves and a friend. Rotate players in different positions. Width and spreading out on the field. Move up and down the field as a unit. Penetrate defenses with quick passes. Understand restarts. Heavy emphasis on individual technique rather than group tactics. Lots of 1v1. 2v1 and 2v2 towards goal. Plenty of repetitions.  Once players progress, they can move to more combination play such as 3v3, 3v2, 4v3 and 4v4.
PHYSICAL: Improved eye, hand and eye, and foot coordination is improving but not completely mature. Can be self centered. Skeletal system is growing. Need full rest periods and plenty of water. No separate running should be done. All activities with a ball.
MENTAL: Need constant reinforcement. Focus is on them and their friend. They are beginning to develop time and space relationships. Easily bruised ego. Make it fun. Players have a great need for approval and have a fear of failure. 


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