Marketing Tagline

Behind the story.

 Motivate. Educate. Create.

If you have reviewed our Mission, Vision and Core Values, you get a better understanding of what we are all about.  Our focus is on each and every player not only in helping them achieve their goals in soccer, but helping them be better prepared for what life will bring as they grow into adulthood.  At TSC Hurricane, we truly have passion for our Vision -- Creating future stars in the game of soccer and in life.

Therefore, we believe this marketing tagline really tells the story of what we’re all about. Each aspect of this builds on the other.

Motivate - First we believe you need to MOTIVATE players to want to learn, play the game and enjoy what they are doing...whatever that is!

Educate - Once a player is motivated, part of our role is to help EDUCATE them in the game of soccer and hopefully, have some positive influence by also teaching life lessons.  A motivated player is much more likely to learn the important aspects of the game and how to grow and develop.

Create - Once a motivated player grows through continuous learning and practicing, together we are able to CREATE future stars in the game of soccer and in life.  


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